MobileInsight 6.0 beta for 5G: Call for Public Test

November 25, 2020

We are thrilled to announce the release of MobileInsight v6.0.0 beta for public test. Starting from this version, MobileInsight will progressively support 5G NR. We invite you to help us test this new feature and share your valuable feedback.

The main updates of MobileInsight v6.0.0 beta include

  • 5G control-plane analytics: MobileInsight v6.0.0 beta now supports the data collection of analytics of 5G radio resource control (RRC, defined in 3GPP TS38.331). It offers analyzers for the runtime 5G RRC state, PHY/link-layer configurations, handover parameters/measurements/decisions, and dual connectivity analysis. Please try these features by following our updated tutorials on 5G data collection and analytics.

  • Updated 4G LTE control-plane analytics for 5G: For incremental deployment, most operational 5G networks so far adopt the non-standalone (NSA) and dual connectivity mode that use 4G LTE’s core network and radio access as the “anchor”. To this end, MobileInsight v6.0.0 also updates its 4G LTE analyzers to tackle both modes. The latest LTE RRC analyzer now can analyze the 4G<->5G handovers and dual connectivity.

  • New message support: MobileInsight v6.0.0 beta adds support for these messages/versions

    • 5G NR RRC OTA messages: v8

    • LTE RRC OTA messages: v52, v49, v48, v46, v26

    • LTE RRC MIB Packet: v17

    • LTE RLC UL Config Log Packet: v69

We have tested these features on Xiaomi MI10 for 5G and various 4G LTE phones. We would like to invite you to test these new features, and help us refine the 5G support by sharing your valuable feedback with us via <>.